9th Annual $1,000 Trainers Award

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Equitation 11 and Under

Sponsored By The Bassett Family

Champion Hadley Earl

Reserve Champion Sarah Hirsch

Third Charlotte Bassett

Fourth Eleanor Pieters

Equitation 12-14

Trophy Sponsored By The Hayes-Guidi Family

Ribbons Sponsored By The Ahern Family/Victory Stables

Champion Francesca Guidi

Reserve Champion Madeline Ahern

Third Olivia Rubin

Fourth Lilly Wolf

Fifth Nicholas Lopes

Sixth Eliza Watson

Equitation 15-17

Ribbons Sponsored By The O’Toole Family

Champion Emilia Pronczuk

Reserve Champion Brynne O’Toole

Third Abigail Tinsley

Fourth Sage McFarland

Tie Fifth Grayson Fallon

Tie Fifth Chloe Murt


Cape Cod Hunter 2018 Year End Awards

Adult Equitation

Sponsored By The Combs Family

Champion Julia Gildea

Reserve Champion Jennifer Whitcomb

Third Stephanie Coe

Fourth Jullian Piesco

Fifth Jennifer Combs

Sixth Laura Canistrano


Sponsored By The Boys at Larry Hill Horseshoeing

Champion Finley Mattos

Reserve Champion Sophia Quisbert

Third Stella Taglienti

Fourth Rosalie Yarus

Tie Fifth Annalea Clark

Tie Fifth Sophie McCosker

Children’s Equitation

Sponsored By The Hayes/Guidi Family

Champion Francesca Guidi

Reserve Champion Eamon Snyder

Third Madison Murray

Fourth Charlotte Lyon

Fifth Lauren Wojcik

Sixth Taylor Kowilcik


Walk Trot Equitation

Ribbons Sponsored By The Spound Family

Champion Frans J. Weterrings IV

Reserve Champion Rory Christo

Third Elizabeth Kenney

Fourth Sophia Chiaverini

Fifth Lilly Kendall

Sixth Erin Fallon

Short Stirrup Equitation

Champion Lillia Precourt

Reserve Champion Lake Bassett

Third April Cartmell

Fourth Alice DiMaggio

Fifth Leah Mieczkowski

Sixth Lillian Lybrand


Modified Adult Equitation

Champion Kimberly Bullock

Reserve Champion Kyona Schacht

Third Kim Miller

Fourth Jacquelyn Olivereira

Fifth Alanna Shuman

Sixth Maura Reddy


Pre Children’s/Adult Equitation

Sponsored By Holly Hill Show Stable

Champion Madeline Welch

Reserve Champion Courtnie Graybill

Third Reese Dreysdat

Fourth Danielle Lauria

Fifth Virginia Famolare

Sixth Reagan LeBlanc

Short Stirrup Hunter

Champion My Shining Star- Owner Kayleigh Frenier/Rider Lillia PreCourt

Reserve Champion Justin Thyme- Owner Marita Zuraitis/Rider April Cartmell

Third The Crowne Prince- Lake Bassett

Fourth Hearts Desire- Leah Mieczkowski

Fifth Tiffydoo -Owner Tatum Fritchman/Rider Meigs Dorsheimer

Sixth Live For The Applause -Owner Heaven Salfity/Rider Julia Carnes

Children’s /Adult Special Hunter

Sponsored By The Ferris Family

Champion Royce -Isabella Ferris

Reserve Champion My Lil Romeo- Owner Emily Mayers/Rider Adelina Arevalo

Third Crescendo -Owner Deanna Kravetz/Rider Maggie Knight

Fourth Trippin’ You Up- Owner Kelly Bohnenberger/Becca Polzin

Fifth Noble -Charlotte Bassett

Sixth Love Bug- Macayla Sousa


Modified Adult Hunter

Sponsored By Sage McFarland and Family

Champion My Sweet Revenge -Kayla Whittier

Reserve Champion Been There Done That -Katelyn Enman

Third Pip -Kim Miller

Fourth Brigadoon -Regina Skorohod

Fifth Mystic’s Chocolate-Owner Alexandria Quayle/Rider Megan O’Connor

Sixth The Duke of Dillenburg- Owner Madeline Traxler/Alanna Shuman


Amateur Adult Hunter

Sponsored By Christine MacFarland and Family

Champion Westland-Stephanie Coe

Reserve Champion Cleobalia-Samantha Forman

Third Hanco- Julia Gildea

Northeast Pony Hunter

Sponsored By The Earl/Gregg Family

Champion In The Game-Owner Caroline Tinsley/Rider Hadley Earl

Reserve Champion Believe-Sarah Hirsch

Third Starlight Express-Owner Lindsey Canesi/Amy Avitabile

Fourth Boss Man-Owner Holly Hill Farm/Rider Hadley Earl

Fifth Formal Affaire-Owner Laila McGee/Rider Elizabeth Cooke

Sixth Corhil Andante-Owner Holly Hill Farm/Rider Maddie Spound


Special Hunter

Sponsored By The Rubin Family

Champion Carraway’s One Love-Owner Marcia Kelley/Rider Cassidy Muldowney

Reserve Champion Royce-Isabella Ferris

Third Cleobalia-Samantha Forman

Fourth Equisite-Owner Patricia O’Neil/Rider Alexandria Quayle

Tie Fifth Tapestry-Cheryl Amaral-McKee/Rider Jessica Duva

Tie Fifth Shades of Summer-Owner Jai Smith Rezac/Rider Sarah Quinlan

Children’s Hunter Pony

Sponsored By The Hirsch Family

Champion In The Game- Owner Caroline Tinsley/Rider Hadley Earl

Reserve Champion Believe-Sarah Hirsch

Third Bells & Whistles- Owner Allie Durkin/Rider Elizabeth Bergstrom

Fourth O’Henry-Tayor Kowilcik

Fifth Boss Man-Owner Holly Hill Farm/Rider Caroline Tinsley

Sixth Corhil Andante-Owner Holly Hill Farm/Rider Maddie Spound

Children’s Horse

Champion Northwind-Olivia Rubin

Walk Trot Pleasure

Champion Be Dazzled- Frans Weterrings IV

Reserve Champion Smuggler’s Romance-Owner Val Stone/Rider Rory Christo

Third Killy Gordons Giddy Up-Owner Dawes St. LLC/Rider Cole White

Fourth Silver Star Mona Lisa-Owner Madeline Ahern/Rider Lilly Kendall

Fifth Auntie Em-Owner Saddle Rowe/Rider Irene Seo

Sixth Friendly Fox -Owner Emma Dooley/Rider Elizabeth Kenney

Hunter Pleasure

Sponsored By The Pinkava Family

Champion This Devil Wears Prada-Owner Heaven Salfity/Rider Madison Lezy

Reserve Champion Markham GS-Alison Piasecki

Third Been There Done That-Katelyn Enman-Salotto

Fourth Skip Away-Owner Audrey Murphy/Rider Regham Harrild

Fifth Ankura-Owner Courtnie Graybill/Rider Phyllis Cervelli

Sixth Lucio 13-Barbara Morton


Hunter Type Pet Pony

Sponsored By Holly Hill Transport

Champion Smuggler’s Romance-Owner Val Stone/Rider Ashley Braren

Reserve Champion The Crowne Prince-Lake Bassett

Third Finding Dory-Owner Melissa Price/Rider Dory Stefanowicz

Fourth Boss Man-Owner Holly Hill Farm/Rider Caroline Tinsley

Fifth In The Game-Owner Caroline Tinsley/Rider Hadley Earl

Sixth Believe-Sarah Hirsch

Pre-Children’s/Adult Hunter

Champion The Devil Wears Prada- Owner Heaven Salfity/Rider Emme Cox

Reserve Champion Four For Luck Rider Roseann Mainero/Rider Madeline Welch

Third Levi-Owner Gina Volandre/Rider Virginia Famolare

Fourth Waterford’s Crescent Moon-Danielle Laurie

Fifth Holli-Reagan LeBlanc

Sixth That’s My Boy-Courtnie Graybill


Children’s/Adult Jumper

Sponsored By South Shore Equine Clinic and Diagnostic Center

Champion By Design- Kate Harkness

Reserve Champion Sea Change-Jennifer Clapp

Third Castle-Cassidy Edmonson

Fourth Montana Reign-Owner Lisa Guaraldi/Rider Kendall Rogers

Fifth Rootbeer Float-Kiley Ahn

Sixth Coupe De Chance-Leigh Gallagher

Schooling Jumper

Sponsored By Thomas Hill Horseshoeing

Champion Made to Order-Ari Mason

Reserve Champion Markham GS-Owner Alison Piasecki/Rider Hannah Piasecki

Third Asgard-Sara Lennon

Fourth Celectrik-Madeline Ahern

Fifth Clinlex-Nicholas Lopes

Sixth Mountain Region-Owner Lisa Guaraldi/Rider Kendall Rogers

Hopeful Jumpers

Champion Universal-Owner Thomas Cervelli/Rider Kyona Schacht

Reserve Champion Tribbiani Maggie Stefanowicz

Third Everest-Owner Maureen Crowley/Rider Michael Janson

Tie Fourth Korkade-Owner Orpen Horses/Rider Morgan Pierce

Tie Fourth Rico S-Owner Lexi Mulkey/Rider Julie Egholm

Sixth Finleigh Kaitlyn Stubbs


Bay State Coolers Sponsored By The Clothes Horse


Bay State Children’s/Adult Jumper

Champion By Design-Kate Harkness

Bay State Schooling Jumper

Champion Made To Order-Ari Mason

Bay State Hopeful Jumper

Champion Universal-Owner Thomas Cervelli/Rider Kyona Schacht